EXHIBITORS’ PROFILE: A Symphony of Ice Cream Excellence

1. Ice Cream Machinery Manufacturers:

2. Ice Cream Packaging Machinery & Materials Manufacturers:

3. Dairy Product Suppliers:

4. Ice Cream Ingredients, Stabilizer's & Raw Material Suppliers:

5. Ice Cream Sticks Suppliers:

6. Refrigeration & Cold Room Manufacturers:

7. Cold Chain Suppliers:

8. Logistics, Automation & Robotics:

9. Ice Cream Cone Manufacturers:

10. Ice Cream Consultants:

11. Food Safety & Quality Chocolate Manufacturers:

12. Insurance Providers:

13. Process Equipment’s, Retail Fittings & Equipment’s:

14. Serving Equipment’s, IT, ERP & POS Systems Suppliers:

15. Traders & Stock Suppliers:


Your Pass to the Ice Cream Wonderland

1. Ice Cream Manufacturers, Suppliers & Distributors:

2. Financial Institutions:

3. Production & Operations, Purchasing & Maintenance:

4. Raw Material, Ingredients Suppliers & Manufacturers:

5. Research & Product Development:

6. Hospitality & Hotel Management:

7. Dairy Consultants & Technologists:

8. Educational Institutions:

9. Conveying, Transport & Storage Facility:

10. Importers & Exporters & Wholesalers Service Providers:

11. Chambers of Commerce, Dairy Associations & Government Agencies:

12. Media & PR:

Welcome to World of Ice Cream Expo

The ultimate platform for ice cream industry players. Whether you're a manufacturer, trader, Supplier, service provider, or consumer, our platform offers the perfect opportunity to showcase new technology, trends, and opportunity to network with industry players and grow your business.


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closeup photography of gray geode
closeup photography of gray geode

Revolutionizing the Ice Cream Industry with Innovation

chocolate cookie frappe
chocolate cookie frappe
Grow your Business

Join our ice cream expo and connect with industry players from around the world. Showcase your products and services, explore new innovations, and make valuable business connections.

Discover the latest technology and innovation in the ice cream industry. From new flavors and ingredients to cutting-edge equipment, stay ahead of the competition with our innovative solutions.

Grow your business with World of Ice Cream. Our platform provides the perfect opportunity to expand your network, find new customers, and increase your sales. Join us today and take your business to new heights.


Explore the latest innovations in the ice cream industry. From unique flavors to creative packaging, these projects are redefining the way we enjoy ice cream.

Discover the future of ice cream with these groundbreaking projects. From sustainable production methods to revolutionary technology, these projects are shaping the industry.

a metal pail filled with fruit and ice cream
a metal pail filled with fruit and ice cream
waffle with chocolate ice cream on black round plate
waffle with chocolate ice cream on black round plate

Stay up to date with the latest trends in the ice cream industry. From plant-based options to artisanal creations, these projects are setting the standard for what's hot in ice cream.

ice cream on brown cone
ice cream on brown cone

Indulge in a world of flavors with these exciting projects. From classic favorites to unique combinations, these projects will tantalize your taste buds.


Experience ice cream like never before with these innovative packaging designs. From eco-friendly options to interactive packaging, these projects are revolutionizing the way we enjoy our frozen treats.

variety of ice creams
variety of ice creams
coned ice cream with blueberries and flowers
coned ice cream with blueberries and flowers

Discover the secret ingredients behind the world's most delicious ice cream. From exotic fruits to locally sourced dairy, these projects are raising the bar for quality and taste.



Ice Cream Industry Association Voice

World of Ice Cream Expo has been instrumental in helping expand your business. The expo provide a unique opportunity to meet industry players and showcase your products. Highly recommended!